Contact Center Express System Prompt Repository Details

Posted: January 3, 2012 in UCCX

Contact Center Express (CCX) stores administrator-supplied binary data such as audio prompts, XML documents and AEF script files in repositories. These repositories are administrator-facing representations of the data which is actually stored in the database. Storing these files into the database provides a convenient mechanism for backup and replication between cluster nodes. The data is also synchronized to the local file system of each cluster node for runtime use by the MIVR subsystem. This is why you refresh repository files; to trigger a synchronization of that data to the local file system(s).

There are actually two Prompt Repositories: User and System. The User Prompt Repository (UPR) is what you can interact with through CCX Administration. This contains all of the prompts you upload to the system. Cisco also provides generic prompts per language for use by the Create Generated Prompt and other steps. Remember that CCX does not have a TTS subsystem built-in. The Create Generated Prompt step and other internal modules utilize the pre-recorded files in the System Prompt Repository (SPR) to give you the pseudo-dynamic verbiage you need. It is also possible to use these prompts directly in your script by enclosing them in SP[] instead of the typical P[] characters. Language and folder selection rules are identical; however, there is no ability to modify the SPR or add your own languages as of version 8.0(1).

Unfortunately as of version 8.0(1) there is no user interface to view the SPR. This is a byproduct of the sealed appliance model. Previous versions did not provide a user interface either; however, you were able to interact with the file system directly. Here are a few examples to get you oriented:

Filename and Path Variable or Parameter Value
./welcome.wav SP[welcome.wav]
./ICD/ICDWelcome.wav SP[ICD/ICDWelcome.wav]
./gen/ordinals/1ord.wav SP[gen/ordinals/1ord.wav]
./goodbye.wav SP[goodbye.wav]

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