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Posted: April 5, 2012 in UCCX

5. Create Contact Service Queues in UCCX

The Contact Services Queue (CSQ) controls incoming Cisco Unified CCX calls by determining where an incoming call should be placed in the queue and to which agent to send the call. During a call (run-time) the specific CSQ is determined within the CRS script as a result of information collected from the caller or other methods.
Two types of CSQs can be configured:
1. Resource Groups CSQs: Agents are selected from a specific resource (agent) group.
2. Skills Groups CSQs: Agents are selected from a pool of agents based on a combination of assigned skills and competency levels.
Caution: A CSQ cannot be configured to be both types. It can be either Resources or Skills but not both.
CSQs are associated to either a resource group or a set of skills. Agents in the selected resource group, or having been assigned the selected skills, are therefore in a resource pool and are qualified to be selected by the CSQ. Agents can be selected by many different CSQs.

Create Resource Skills CSQ

Step 24: From the Unified Contact Center Express Administration page, choose Subsystems>RmCm. The Unified CCX Configuration Web page opens, displaying the RmCM (JTAPI) provider area.


Step 25: Click on the Contact Services Queue hyperlink. The Contact Service Queues summary web page opens.


Step 26: Click the Add a new Contact Service Queue hyperlink. The first Contact Service Queue Configuration page opens.

Step 27: From the Contact Service Queue Configuration page, configure the following information:


Note: The Contact Service Name in the variable pane (see below) of CRS editor MUST match the Contact Service Queue name (CSQ2).


Step 28: Click on the ‘Next’ button. The second Contact Service Queue Configuration page opens for a Resource type of (CSQ2).

Step 29: Configure the following details:

Field Name Description
Resource Selection Criteria Most Skilled
Assigned Skills Password_Resets


Step 30: Click Show Resources. You should see ‘agent1’

Step 31: Click cancel, then click on ‘Add’. The CSQ2 should now appear.

Activity Verification You have completed this task when you see these results:

Your CSQ (CSQ2) should now appear in the CSQ list.

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