UCCX Continue … 8

Posted: April 5, 2012 in UCCX

8.Create Teams and Make Assignments

A team is a group of agents who report to the same supervisor. When an agent is assigned to a team, it means that the team’s supervisor can barge-in and/or intercept any call being handled by the agent.

Step 6: From the Unified Contact Center Express Administration page, choose Subsystems>RmCm. The Unified CCX Configuration Web page opens, displaying the RmCM (JTAPI) provider area


Step 7: On the Unified CCX Configuration navigation bar, click the Teams hyperlink. The Teams summary web page opens.

Step 8: Click on Add a new Team.

Step 9: Create a team called Help_Desk and configure to match the details below:

Primary Supervisor: ucx7_super1
Assigned Resources: UCX7_agent1
Assigned CSQs: CSQ1 CSQ2


Step 10: Now click on ‘Add’ button. Your Help_Desk team should appear in the list below.


Activity Verification: You have completed this task when you see these results:
A new team called ‘Help_Desk’ was created with primary supervisor as ucx7_super1 and agent1 and agent 2 have been added as assigned resources.


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