Cisco Agent Desktop Error : CCX application server may be offline

Posted: April 12, 2012 in UCCX
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Here is the solution when Agent desktop try to login and got the error “The Cisco Unified CCX Application server may be offline. Please verify your system is online and try again”

Solution 1:

Check the in UCCX Data synchronization you will see Data inconsistency between CCX and CUCM, Do Data Resync and modify the PhoneDev.cfg file in End user PC.

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\config

Open the “PhoneDev.cfg” file in Notepad.  Once the file opens, paste the below 2 lines to the bottom of the file (after the  “AgentWorkMode=0” line)



Save the file and then try to open CAD. (try to reboot PC as well)

Solution 2:

LDAP in UCM (User Management – End User).  They showed as Inactive.   After making them active again in LDAP (they were expired) and then  resyncing the LDAP service, the users were able to get back in.

Solution 3:

Try to Delete the End user from CUCM and make sure it’s completely removed from CUCM Database also remove Phone from JTAPI App User then create new user assign again extensions and associate with End User also with JTAPI App User and check in CCX end user should be there then try again to login back in CAD.

Last Solution 4:

If above solutions didn’t work then logging into UCCX Serviceability and restarting 2 services under “Tools” > “Control Center – Network Services”.

Service 1: Cisco Desktop Enterprise Service

Service 2: Cisco Desktop Recording and Statistics Service

Service 3: Cisco Unified CCX Engine

If the above services doesn’t work then reboot the UCCX Box …..


If that didn’t work please Open TAC Case ….. 🙂

  1. Is this the solution, when only few users are not able to login, and others are able to.. ??

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