UCCX – The specified extension is not associated with the ID

Posted: May 20, 2013 in UCCX
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I had issue today when one agent moved from one location to another and he was facing some issue during login,

“The Specified Extension is not associate with the ID …… ”


I remember I disassociate the user from old phone and re associate with new phone ext, also select new Directory in End user for IPCC ext, also add phone is rmuser/jtapi user in application user page … checked in CCX agent is getting his new ext and assign resources and done …. reset the phone but still end user was getting the same error …. hmm what could be the issue — well I try again from begging to add new user then make sure i went thru all possible steps to create user and associate with ph/end user/rmuser/ everything looks good …… hmmmm

well here is the solution – after checking all things then go to UCCX depends which version you are using RDP to UCCX server I was using UCCX 7.02 ….


1 step : RDP/VNC to UCCX Server

2 step : Go to Start >> Programs Files >> Cisco >> Desktop >> Admin


3 step : Select Call Center 1 >> Go to Setup >> Synchronize Directory Services


4 step : Restart the following Services Under >> Control Center >> Select Master Node and restart the following services one by one


Note : The above steps and services you can restart/Sync during production hours but be careful if you have lots of users or big cluster contain lots of servers then make sure it could crash your server but again be careful …If  above services didn’t fix the issue then Try this solutions but again DON”T TRY DURING PRODUCTION HOURS … it will disconnect all calls and you could face big outage or could crash your server … TRY AFTER HOURS or Get Approval to restart the server but again depending on which server version you are using ….

5 Step : (Critical Step) : Go to Windows System Services.msc >> look for Cisco Unified CCX Node Manager Service and restart (Please don’t try during production hours unless get approval or After hours)


This will typically fixed your issue, Stopping/Restarting these services will take your call center down so please always submit request for either maintenance window or approval …. Finally if all above provided solution didn’t work then Reboot Machine …. 🙂


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