Failure to Login to Agent Desktop – RM JTAPI Provider User ID

Posted: March 14, 2014 in UCCX
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Login failed due to a configuration error. Please ask your system administrator to associate your phone with RM JTAPI Provider user ID according to the instructions in the Administrator Guide.

One of our Client had this issue they were not able to login in CAD, after get the initial information found client just add a new phone into they system, so it simple problem description itself explaining the what is the issue, mean newly configure device is not associated with RM JTAPI,

First you must understatnd IPCC/CCX communicate with CUCM using App user ID, which is usually we use rmjtapiuser or you put any name but it must be easily understandable …. Here is the instruction to fix the issue…

rmjtapi error

1- login into IPCC/CCX >> Subsystem >> RmCm


2- You will RmCM Provider User ID for example : rmjtapi

3- Go back to CUCM >> User Management >> Application User


4- Under Application User Configuration Page look Device Information section where you will see Available Device and Controlled Device >> Now if Agent Phone MAC address is not listed under Controlled Device then find the Agent Phone MAC address and Save it then tell your Agent to close the CAB Application and reopen and login again it should fix the issue.

Note : if it still not fix your issue then You can also check common device configuration to select ipv4 only setting to fix the issue.

Also if you are experiencing the same issue with bunch of users then don’t need to un associate all users from application user, just simply restart CTI Manager on all nodes to fix the issue ….

  1. VIKRAM SINGH says:

    i think we need to associate Mac addess with application user only in UCCX 7 not with later version of UCCX

  2. Dileep says:

    Super!!! I was struggling with this… Best, Simple resolution steps.

  3. www says:

    Thank you very much!

  4. Marshall says:

    Is there a better way to remove a phone from the application user? My environment has around 350 phones, and it’s a huge pain to scroll through that list to find the MAC I’m looking for.

    • Network Experts Blog says:

      well if all users are getting the same error then you don’t need to remove the Phone MAC from application user, just simply restart CTI Manager should fix the issue,
      Regarding the bulk associate or unassociate you can hold the shift key and select all MAC address to remove and do the same process to add Phone MAC on Application user …
      HTH …

  5. jordanross422 says:

    Very helpful! thank you for making this walk through

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