Login Failed Due to A Configuration Error with your Phone

Posted: March 26, 2015 in CUCM, UCCX
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I came across this issue again, and I follow the same process as I we doing before but it didn’t work

Then I thought what I am missing, so what I did to fix it

  • Found user MAC on the system and made sure he/she has only one phone
  • Remove the user from Phone profile from Owner User ID

Owner ID

  • Remove user also from User Associate with line and reset the phone shown below

User Asso with line

Remove User from the Application User RMJTAPI and save


  • Unassociated phone from End user profile under Device Information and Primary and IPCC Ext shown below

Dir Num

  • Now you completely unassociated User from CUCM now go to CCX and you should be able to see user is listed but User is not Agent anymore but before to do that make sure you know the user CSQ and Team just in case if you lost but you won’t lost the configuration when you completely unassociate the End user. however it would be better to either take screenshots to double make sure you have backup for that user.
  • Now follow the same process and associate back user to same profile the way you remove now add back into the system and make sure you are adding back the user where it was removed … so that’s why I am recommending to take screenshot to make sure you have back to put it back where it belongs to …
  • Now ask End user to close CAD application and relogin He/She should be able to login ….
  • If the above solution doesn’t work then Try to restart CTI Manager after hours because it will give you outage to it better to get the maintenance window to either restart CTI Manager if that didn’t work then Reboot the CCX cluster and I am sure it will fix the issue …. otherwise OPEN TAC CASE 🙂

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