CCX Supervisor is not seeing Agent CSQ Statics Reports

Posted: April 7, 2015 in UCCX
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This document describe the steps to take action when one of these problems occurs with agents in a Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) Express environment

Issue was Supervisor created new skills set CSQ’s but it wasn’t showing under agent CSQ statics reports, I check supervisor settings and newly created CSQ’s not issue found then I took few steps to fix the issue but if below steps didn’t work for you then reboot the cluster if it still not fix the issue then open TAC case.

  • login into to CCX admin and checked the resources configuration all looks good


  • checked the all services were in services no issues,


  • sounds like CCX Enterprise service wasn’t passing data to Agents even i removed the profile recreate but still no luck tried to remove csq’s still no luck then It could be the issue out-of-sync condition between the Enterprise Data subsystem and the Enterprise service.
  • Restart the Desktop Enterprise service and from Admin desktop sync the Directory to fix the issue.




  • After Restart the services and sync database it fix the issue have supervisor agent to relogin into the finesse and it was showing all CSQ’s
  • Hope all above actions will fix your problem if not then try to reboot cluster after hours and take permission from your customer and reboot the cluster if that didn’t fix the issue then Open TAC case 🙂



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